As gamers and content creators sometimes we don't take the best of care of our bodies for one reason or another. Here we plan to provide a bi-daily workout of the day using ONLY body weight or things around the house. No leaving the house. No expensive gym membership.

Bodyweight Strength Training I

No Rest Between Exercises/1 min rest between sets.

x3 Sets Push Ups until failure

x3 Sets Air Squats until failure

x3 Sets Forearm Push-ups until failure

x3 Sets Jumping Power Squats until failure

x3 Sets Power Pushaways

- Finish with DeadFett Core -

DeadFett Core


60 seconds Crunches

30 seconds Leg Raises

60 seconds crunches

30 seconds Hello Dollies

30 Side each side (60 seconds total) side crunches

60 seconds crunches