Do you ever wonder how to become better at streaming, networking, and building your audience as a content creator? Don’t worry we got you! The leadership team at EasternMediaGG is making sure that 2020 is OUR year and investing time into developing exclusive personalized self-improvement workshops for our members.


"At a leadership level I am so pleased to announce that we are turning our focus toward developing our members in EasternMediaGG. We are growing as a community and more importantly we want to help you grow as an individual." - Steven Zimmer, CEO


Our series of streamer development workshops are elective programs exclusively for members who want to bring their content creation and growth to the next level. Over the next few weeks you will be seeing sign up forms linked in our Discord for each workshop. If interested, you will fill out some basic information and then let us know your availability. Once the form is submitted the member of our leadership team who is proctoring the workshop will develop a customized experience and schedule your call via Discord.


Tani, has kicked off the start of these workshops with her “How to Network: Dos and Don’ts. The positive feedback has been overwhelming which is why we will continue to focus on developing YOU as a content creator. These workshops are completely tailored with you as an individual in mind, your growth and success is so important to us here at EasternMediaGG and this is just one way to show our appreciation for our members. 


With these programs in mind we ask for your continued feedback. Please let us know if there are any additional topics you would like us to cover. Some upcoming topics will include: Mental Health & Streaming, Establishing Your Personal Brand, Overlays & You, Professional Set Up on a Budget, Just Chatting: 101, and many more!