So, you just hit affiliate status on Twitch, or you’re getting ready to do a rebrand – well, now it’s time to think about your emotes!  It may seem like a daunting task, but where do you start, how do you come up with an emote that will make your viewers instantly want to subscribe JUST based on your dope design? There are a few things to consider that may help you with your design journey.

Personal Branding – Who are you? Really think about who you are, not only as a streamer, but as a personality. What are some of the most defining things about you? Do you have some commonly used catch phrases that you say often? Is there something iconic that you do, or something you yell frequently when you are frustrated?

Pop Culture – Is there a fun pop culture reference you’re into? Can you work your favorite iconic tv shows, movies, etc. into something that represents you and your channel in a way that sets you apart from the noise?

Mannerisms – Would you make a great Twitch emote – of course you would! Is there something iconic about your appearance? Do you have a fun hair color? Do you wear a specific style of clothing? Is there a defining recognizable feature about you?


Once you’ve taken the considerations above and compiled a list of these items, now you can start thinking about a concept. Mix and match, but most of all have fun with it! Maybe you want an emote of yourself with one of your iconic catch phrases? Another great resource when going through the design process for your emotes is speaking with a graphic designer. EasternMediaGG has a full staff of graphic designers at your disposal, check out their portfolios here and feel free to reach out with your design inquiries!