You just landed the most incredible quick scope in Overwatch, the funniest fail moment digging too deep in Minecraft, or the biggest rage session of your life…but did you clip it? Much like in person first impressions you have a limited window of time to captivate someone into following and watching your Twitch stream. One of the best ways to obtain traffic and new viewers is properly advertising your Twitch Clips, they are a great way to give a potential viewer insight into who you are as a streamer and what your personal branding is.

First, it’s important to determine what kind of content your clip will be comprised of. Once you have grown a viewer base clips are produced organically by your audience. If you are still trying to grow however, it may be a great idea to review your VODs for a few purposes: to discover some clippable moments, or to also self-evaluate your stream quality and strategy. Once you have selected or obtained your clips you are ready to move onto advertising your content.

Next you want to promote these clips via social media to help you attract a new viewer base and give your current fans another fun piece of content. It’s best to download your Twitch Clip and save it to your computer for ease of uploading:

Twitch: You can upload your clip to a video post.

You’ll want to add an eye grabbing description so that a potential viewer stops scrolling in their timeline and engages with your post.

Use a maximum of 2 hashtags, make them relevant to your clip, for example: #PUBG #twitchclips. There is a free tool you can use to help determine what kind of hashtags you want to use for your posts here:

Include emojis

Don’t forget to tag @EasternMediaGG #EMGG

Instagram: You can upload your clip to a post.

Apply a compelling description

Utilize appropriate hashtags, an average of 9 according to research has been shown to generate the most engagement. You can however have a maximum of 30.

Ensure your hashtags are relevant, or else other users can flag your content to “Don’t show for this hashtag” causing you to lose maximum exposure.

Include emojis

At the end of the day the most important thing to ensure that your clips earn engagement from your audience, is having and building that audience - here are a few simple ways to do that:

Engage with other content creators and viewers in their streams.

Like, and engage with social media posts – start and have meaningful conversations.

Post quality content that showcases your personality, not just a wall of going live text.

Consistency is key throughout trying to grow and build anything, how much you benefit will solely depend on the effort that you put into networking and creating quality content. Remember kids…clips or it didn’t happen!

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