You’re streaming Apex Legends and are about to take the dub when your raid alert goes off and your chat blows up with a wave of EasternMediaGG members! Before you know it you’re hit with an absolute wall of positive energy that only the GG Raid Parade can bring. 


What exactly is the GG Raid Parade? One night our community team decided to put their heads together and brought several community members into a voice chat to spread some support and good vibes.


How does the GG Raid Parade function? The event is still being fine tuned, however right now keep your eyes on Twitter. Approximately 30 minutes prior to the raid parade a tweet will go out notifying any available members to join the voice chat. At the start of the raid parade, the team select live streamers to go and surprise raid! The recipient of the raid can expect to be overwhelmed with community support for approximately three minutes. After that time period, the raid parade will select another live streamer to go and spread some love to. 


The raid parade has been so beneficial to our members, especially those attempting to reach affiliate status. It’s also a great networking opportunity as our family continues to grow, this becomes a nice way to be able to check out and network with members of the community on a regular basis. 


So the next time you see the GG Raid Parade alert on Twitter, hop into voice chat, make some friends, and spread some positivity!