May 17, 2017; In case some of you are wondering why we ask you to represent only EasternMediaGG here is an elongated explanation.  

First off, I want to take the time to recognize that we all have day jobs or other obligations outside of what we are doing within our esports lives. I am the first to tell you take care of what is physically in front of you. You can not focus and get work done here before the essentials are taken care of.

Now, the reason we ask that you represent EMGG and only EMGG is simple, being all in. If you are here and want to be here, then be here. There is no room for people who join in to have multiple affiliations to other groups simply because you are betting on more than one horse and are waiting to see which succeeds. Having all of those affiliations in your bio does not communicate that you are a seasoned pro, it communicates that you can not make up your mind about where to invest your time. Much like choosing a career people often make one choice, stick with it to see if it is for them and then move on or stay depending on how their goals and the company goals align.

We here at EMGG are trying to build an esports family and company that is unique and that will represent the truest of gamers in the industry. We truly hope that you want to join us in that journey and understand why we ask that if you join EMGG, you drop all other affiliations. Worst case scenario, you find out we are not the home for you and you can go back to betting on all the horses without investing too much of your own time.

I thank you for your time and hope this clarifies what we already have in our Terms of Service for each member here at EMGG. Have a great day and as always if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me or another team member from management.