EasternMediaGG (EMGG) continued to expand its influence in eSports by entering both the iRacing. James Holtzer and Ryan Crooks will be representing EMGG moving forward in their sleekly designed black and pink patterned Camaros.

The iRacing crew did not have to wait long before showing their worth by debuting on Monday during the ShakeNBake Series racing stream. For those unfamiliar, iRacing is not simply a game where players sit on a couch and use controllers. The iRacing scene involves extremely expensive testing drivers that simulate real racing environments to a real-world competition standard. These are trained professionals.

James Holtzer (#69) and Ryan Crooks (#25) had a solid showing with Holtzer battling for, and even taking first place for several of the 200 laps they raced. Crooks had an unfortunate early pit stop that placed him two laps behind the competition.

In the last half of the competition, Holtzer was literally bumped out of the race by the number 1 of John Honeycutt. Honeycutt went on to express remorse for taking Holtzer out like that.

All hope was not lost, however, when Crooks, who, to that point had been battling from behind came back onto the scene and eventually secured the #2 position to end the race.

A wild first outing for this duo. We can’t wait to see what our iRacing team have to offer!