Starting with Nerf gun and 3DS game reviews in 2017, our Creator Spotlight for July 2022 Tygerz truly knows the definition of #GRNDSZN. Tyler, better-known as Tygerz to EMGG members, has been creating content for 5 years with the intention to make people laugh while having a great time playing video games and making jokes. If you’ve had the chance to stop by his Twitch stream, you know he’s been more than capable of doing just that and fulfilling his hope of making people forget about the negativity going on in their lives so they can laugh and get a break.

While balancing a busy schedule, which includes school, football and work, Tygerz also transports his entire streaming setup between his parents’ homes each week. He describes himself as a big “gym guy,” and works out almost daily and found himself gravitating towards battle royale and multiplayer games, namely Fortnite and Krunker.

Beginning with an iPhone, Tygerz was able to make videos, but lost his editing software when he switched to Samsung. This ultimately caused him to stop making videos and streaming gameplay from his PS4 on YouTube. From here, he caught the streaming bug, purchased a gaming laptop and began streaming on Twitch and is still going strong from a PC that he was able to purchase with his earnings from the platform. He advises new and struggling content creators to have as much fun as possible, to disregard rude chatters and that your numbers will improve as you continue creating content.

Tygerz initially found out about EMGG in 2018, when he was first setting out into the gaming genre of content creation. He grew from a fan, making an EMGG-themed jack’o’lantern for Halloween in 2019, to becoming a full-fledged member in 2021. Tygerz says that he loves every member of EMGG and views the organization as “an elite family, like none-other.”

To get a candid, genuine look into Tygerz’s thoughts, you can check him out on Twitter @OfficialTygerz. If you’re hoping to catch his rendition of the latest TikTok trend, be sure to follow his account @tygerzlive. You can catch more content on his Twitch and YouTube under his handle @Tygerz.