Hailing from Indiana, June 2022’s Creator Spotlight goes to Teacup. She’s been streaming on Twitch for 4 ½ years and started creating content to give her viewers something to smile about, even on their worst days while playing FPS titles like Apex Legends, Valorant and Call of Duty. In her early days, Teacup faced quality struggles due to streaming from her phone. She never let it discourage her and continued to stream daily until she was able to upgrade her internet and is able to stream at a much higher quality. Her biggest takeaway from her content creation journey would be, “not to get discouraged about viewer count,” and recommends shutting off your viewer count during streams so you can focus more on your content.


When Teacup isn’t streaming, you can count on her taking part in various hobbies like horseback riding, reading and playing with her dog, Bergan.

Bursting with EMGG pride, Teacup found out about the organization a couple years ago and was in awe of the vibes in comparison to other communities and organizations. She’s received unrivaled support and loves the family aspect and atmosphere EMGG has to offer. 

Recently, Teacup had the opportunity to travel to Houston, TX with some other members and staff of EMGG to show support for Kaizur and JustAKid while they competed at Texas Showdown. As a more seasoned attendee to a FGC event, she knew what to expect in a competitive environment and was even able to hang out and play cards with the EMGG crew at her AirBnB. Teacup was able to stream some of the notable matchups, so everyone at home didn’t miss a beat of the action, and we could not be more thankful.

You can catch Teacup on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/teacup_ttv and get inside her mind on Twitter @TeacupSquad