For August’s Creator Spotlight, we get to take a trip across the pond from EMGG HQ to Dublin, Ireland. While being well-known for being the capital of Ireland, Dublin is also home to NateDoktor, who needs no introduction to those who have been in the ranks here at EasternMediaGG, even for a few short weeks. While referring to his fellow EMGG members as “legends,” we know who the true legend is, even if he is screaming out Sarah Jessica Parker’s name during a charity stream.
Nate began creating content about a year and a half ago and is celebrated for his willingness to play just about any game that is suggested to him. While he prefers to create content that give him a challenge with plenty of exploration, potential for fun and the ability to play with friends, Nate also loves to play indie and Nintendo games. Content creation gave NateDoktor the ability to create interesting content on the Internet while also expressing his life-long love of video games and internet culture. While browsing VODs and clips, you do not have to search hard at all to see that Nate has absolutely put his fun and quirky personality on spotlight while grinding out even some of the toughest platformers.
Off-screen, Nate’s hobbies are just as diverse as his Steam library. You can find him bowling at the local bowling alley, drawing up new doodles, building the latest Lego sets, fine-tuning and organizing his sprawling collection of DVDs, or dabbling into music by teaching himself fast-tempo rap songs or playing the ukulele.

Nate overcame his battle with inconsistency and allowing “underwhelming results” by committing to a schedule and focusing on fun content, rather than worrying about metrics. That hard work has definitely paid off and he advises those with the same struggle to be patient: “No one starts out with a million followers. It may take you months, even years, to build your community, but don’t give up.” Nate urges struggling creators to never, ever be afraid to be themselves and to keep making content they want to make and that they would be proud of, while having fun.
Nate initially came across EasternMediaGG and was taken aback by how like-minded the members and staff were. The family aspect that EMGG boasts is what really garnered his attention. Believe it or not, NateDoktor actually applied for EMGG membership twice. After submitting his first application, he heard nothing back and “assumed the worst,” but did not allow that to hinder his ability to grind and improve his content. Ultimately, he reapplied and was granted membership, noting “they were family, and I’m glad now WE’RE family.”
You can peek into the charismatic musings of Nate on Twitter by following him @NateDoktor, or you can catch him when he is live on Twitch, where his handle is also NateDoktor.