Are you ready for this? EasternMediaGG is shocking the world again by adding another goliath to our sponsorship partners – here are a few hints about them:

  • The global leader and innovator of competitive gaming controllers that was founded in 2010.

  • They believe in creating a controller that can do more, while stressing your hand less.

  • A company supported by top athletes, and brands on a massive global scale.

  • They boast innovations that are covered by more than 90 granted patents.

Today, EasternMediaGG joins Scuf Gaming® in the ultimate partnership with a mutual goal of bringing your gaming experience to the next level. Scuf Gaming’s creations are the #1 selling competitive controller on the market and have been since their inception. They are built on the foundational beliefs of ergonomics, comfort and safety. Their controllers rise above the rest with back control functions, trigger control mechanisms, thumbstick control area/handles, and side action controls that will allow you to unlock your full potential.  Every controller is hand-crafted and hand-tested, while also being fully customizable with paddle remapability, precision thumbsticks, military grade grip, and all the color combinations imaginable. Like EasternMediaGG, Scuf is always on the pursuit of excellence, while giving you the most customizable product to fit your every need. 

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More control and sharper reactions for better performance.Get more out of your game with the Scuf Gaming® Vantage 2