What does a GO Kart have to do with socialization, creating a sense of inclusion, and revolutionizing engagement and interaction for children in hospitals? The answer is absolutely everything, Gamers Outreach created a “GO Kart” which is a medical grade kiosk that has been modified to become the ultimate mobile gaming setup for a hospital environment. EasternMediaGG is humbled to announce a partnership with Gamers Outreach Foundation. learn all about “Project Go Kart” below:

We’re diving right in, January 1st through April 5th in effort  to raise funds for Children’s Hospitals across America EasternMediaGG will be streaming in partnership with Gamer’s Outreach. Due to our social media presence, extremely active dedicated community members and our love for supporting a great cause we feel we can help make a difference in the lives of children and their families who are needing it the most by showing the world what the power of the gaming community can really do! What does this mean for you as an individual EasternMediaGG streamer? We plan on having a main team who will be streaming off of our Twitch channel as well as a “public team” where members can raise money on their own personal channels. All proceeds from both of these teams will funnel into the same collection “pot” and will only be directly accessible by Gamers Outreach themselves. Donate to an amazing cause here! Stay tuned for more information regarding this incredible partnership, and how you can get involved and truly make a difference in someone’s life. You can join us in supporting us here!