This spotlight we’re featuring someone with an absolute passion for content creation and gaming. From humble beginnings playing NFL Street when he was young transitioning to a fiery competitive drive in FPSgames, Howler has become an icon in our community and this spotlight will tell you a little background on him!

Howler first made his presence known in the EasternMediaGG community with his drive to join after a friend he knew in real life had joined. For months and months, Howler, not yet old enough to join based on our organization rules, interacted with our community, streamed, and made sure we knew his name. As we realized he was in this for the long haul and that he was someone we absolutely saw in the team because he shares all our same ideals, we made the decision to bring him in.

For about a year now, Howler has taken his streaming relatively seriously but has been creating content for a few years now. He made the decision to start streaming because of his love for video games. His community is what drives him on a daily. “I love the thought that I could make someone’s day better,” Howler said when I spoke with him. Howler uses content creation as an outlet and something that he does because he highly enjoys it. For him, these factors make it not feel constraining like a job and makes it so he looks forward to hitting the “Start Streaming” button each and every time. Whether you’re watching him play a first person shooter, like Call of Duty (one of his favorites) Valorant, or a group game with friends like Among Us, you know you’re going to find Howler excited to be there and having a good time.

As much as he loves streaming, Howler makes sure to stay balanced. He spends time on weekends seeing friends and is also a fan of action sports, like skateboarding and scootering. He also has a tubby cat named Butters who makes an appearance sometimes and prefers cats over dogs. Growing up, Howler has seen his fair share of unfortunate events happen to himself and his family; these circumstances have only helped to shape him and mature him more quickly, as well as help him learn to attach himself to things he truly enjoyed to continue to find joy in each day.

Howler brings these ideals everywhere he goes and is well known in EMGG for his electric personality. Whenever you enter his stream or even a voice chat with him, you’re greeted by the excited voice with his signature greeting, “What’s goodie, what’s gang?!” regardless if you’re a returning viewer or a new face because his outlook is extremely welcoming and tries his best to be as outgoing as possible. And even when chat isn’t going crazy, you can ensure you’ll be coming into a high energy stream because he just loves what he’s doing and enjoys entertaining. “The most important [piece of advice I’ve learned] is to have confidence in what you’re doing.”  He has grown extremely close with so many of the other members of EMGG and feels EMGG has really helped him as a person to embrace what he does but also break him out of his shell. “[I would] consider a lot of these people my family. I’ve grown so much [with them] and learned so much… I couldn’t be more grateful. Especially Zimm. I look up to that man like crazy.” Howler consistently proves he is hugely driven, an amazing member of the community, and continues to move forward in the team and with his content.

Interested in learning more? Catch up with Howler on Twitter and find out when he’ll be streaming to meet this amazing member!