EasternMediaGG is making preparations in these final moments before the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare NA launch. Everyone’s checking their ammunition levels, testing their parachutes, and overall trying to remain calm before the ensuing storm of console wars and sleep depravity are upon us. We checked the waters in our own EMGG camp to see where everyone’s thoughts were at heading into battle tonight. Happy to say you’ll be seeing a lot of EasternMedia in the killfeed.


The team was very vocal to speak on their experiences with the beta, and overall loved it. Obviously there’s always going to be some bugs early on, as it was a “beta”. The majority of complaints came from the current spawning system. Lucky enough, Infinity Ward has already announced they’ve “adjusted spawn logic & added more spawns to increase your options”. They also stated they will be continuously monitoring & improving throughout these early days. Infinity Ward has already been so community-friendly in the beta with adding the mini-map back, the studio looks to be very dedicated to the feedback it receives. 


EasternMediaGG gave the Modern Warfare Beta experience a rating of 4.6/5, with over 50 separate reviews. Gunfight received the most applause in the gamemode category, although Headquarters & Cyber Attack were also widely celebrated. Between the numbers, the most popular weapons of choice were the M4A1, MP5, & MP5. With only 30 levels to reach, it’s hard to say if they’ll stand the test of time after tonight. 


The biggest thing everyone seemed to voice was that bringing crossplay into the fold for Call of Duty can make this installment a true juggernaut. Everyone’s excited to not be restricted to only playing with their console of choice. No matter what system the enemies are playing on, they’ll soon bite the dust when in the crosshairs of EasternMediaGG’s finest. The official release tonight, the professional CDL beginning in January and a rumored battle royale in the future, I’d say we’re all in for a jam-packed year of Call of Duty.