If you’ve ever been in chat during an EMGG stream, or even hanging around in EMGG’s Discord server, you’re no stranger to December’s creator spotlight. The multi-tasking master better known as Charizard4249 hailing from the Greater Buffalo area is a wealth of information across various topics and embodies the true community spirit of EasternMediaGG. 

Focusing mainly on Japanese RPGs, Charizard favors Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, just to name a few. Charizard started creating content just two years ago to showcase RPGs from when he was growing up that he never had the opportunity to play and share his initial experiences with his viewers. At this point, Charizard was in his 3rd year of college studying business and overcoming the separation of his parents. He found it was difficult to fit time to create content while focusing on schoolwork and college clubs. To combat the struggle, Charizard really honed in on time-management skills and created a structured schedule to ensure he had time for everything going on in his busy life as a college student. To this day, he’s still maintained the same type of schedule to make sure he is completing tasks in a timely manner and still has time to hang out with everyone.

While the anticipation builds for the remainder of his PC upgrades to arrive, Charizard asserts that content creators do not need to have the best hardware just starting out. He’s been running on the same build since he started college courses in 2017 and is only now upgrading his rig. He also asserts that it is important for creators to just have fun and be themselves. People will enjoy you for who you are!

If you have ever found yourself wondering about the latest news of all-things nerd, Charizard is your guy with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of topics ranging from music to DC. When he’s not streaming or making videos, Charizard has been known to attend concerts and enjoy his favorite rock bands up-close and personal. Seriously, he’s seen 12 bands play live this year with the anticipation to see 4 more before the year comes to an end! With such an impressive ticket stub collection, it comes as no surprise that he is well-versed in the knowledge of each band he follows. Have a random trivia question about music? Charizard can go in-depth about what bands came out when and even what the culture was like when the band first debuted. 

Charizard was a Boy Scout. Has journeyed through Canada on canoe trips, has gone hiking through New Mexico and still carries the title of Eagle Scout to this day. He claims his excursions with the Boy Scouts were “some of the most eye-opening travel experiences” in his lifetime and that they helped him grow to be the person he is today. Many of his life experiences have molded him into the EMGG we know and love - while it hasn’t been an easy ride, he’s proud and happy to bring everyone along for the crazy adventures life offers.

Finding out about EMGG through a friend, it piqued his interest and started a quest for discovery. Upon doing some thorough research, Charizard felt that EasternMediaGG was the place for him since he was looking to be part of something that felt like a family and full of support. He’s met amazing friends, experienced epic and exciting gaming moments and is excited to see where things continue to go.

You can find Charizard covering all-things RPG on YouTube, Twitch and Hover under the username Charizard4249. Stay tuned, it appears Charizard has plans up his sleeves to start posting content on TikTok!